Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Answering a query re my 15mm WW2 Soviet Collection

This is just a convenient way to pass on these images of the various Soviet SPG's I have in my collection

On the storage box, these are described as being IS2 and IS3 tanks but I am not 100% sure this is accurate.....

I think above and below may be ISU 122





SU100 winter camo

All these are just guesses based on the apparent size of the armament and the chassis they are on ...I believe SU were on the T34 track system and ISU on the IS track system....


  1. Thanks Keith
    That all looks right. Top ones are IS-2 (the IS-3 had a flatter rounder turret & was post-war - the old Airfix kit!).

  2. Hi Andrew - in theory, they are two different tanks - they have a different chassis - although it looks to me like the KVI chassis with a different turret - don't know if that was an actual vehicle or we just got it wrong at Marua Road twenty years ago....!