Saturday, 18 February 2017

First British Gun and Crew Completed

I have been out for dinner at the Wynyard Quarter in Auckland with my dear wife this evening, so only have one gun and crew completed from earlier in the day. Painting these has reminded me that I found it a bit of a chores last time I did hard plastic - when I did a War of Spanish Succession force using primarily Wargames Factory figures. All the detail of a metal figure  is here - and more - but it mostly does not stand out the way the detail does on metal, so your painting has to be much more accurate.

Anyway, I have done as good a job as I could be bothered to on these and they look ok to me.  Four views, one from each angle


  1. Great looking artillery, well done!

  2. Thank Phil

    I have to rebase them because I found some of the other crews wont fit on a base this size - will post pictures when I get the next ones completed

  3. We probably just missed each other Keith, we were out on a harbour cruise on Saturday night and sailed right past Wynyard quarter.

  4. Oh right - must have been a bit breezy - we had some spots of rain on a couple of occasions but fortunately had an inside table!