Saturday, 25 February 2017

Girls Night Out

We had a SYW/AWI game at Julians last night (Friday) It was on the hex based cloth - Julian and I were the British and Chris, Nick and John the French - the less said about the game, the better - lets just say that Churchill may have been right when he described the surrender of Singapore as the ‘worst disaster and largest capitulation in British history’,  but last night Julian and I came a close second! I did take some photos but the quality was not good and in any case the defeat was so ignominious that I would rather not think on it any more!

Amongst the British troops arrayed against the French were this unit - they fared no better than their more traditional colleagues unfortunately - all these figures are from Eureka in Australia......


  1. We learn a lot in a defeat, more than in a victory! Anayway, these British troops are superb!

  2. If that's true Phil, my mate and I learned A LOT in our latest game!