Thursday, 16 February 2017

Latest Project - the War of 1812

My second purchase for the War of 1812 came by luck. I was scanning through Trade Me (an NZ version of eBay if you are not from this part of the world) and came across a box of Victrix 28mm hard plastic British Napoleonic Artillery - 15 crew three guns and three limbers for a total of around NZ$30 - a pretty good deal.

Unfortunately on arrival two or three parts were missing from the kit including one wheel and one of the gun carriages axle assembly - bit of a nuisance! I can possibly use one of the limber axles as a substitute - two limbers is plenty for three guns I feel! The guy I bought them off has apologized and said he will have a look to see if he can find the missing parts but I wont be surprised if he cant

Anyway so far I have done two of the three five man crews, two of the guns and one limber - no painting as yet, just assembly - pics below

The artwork on the Victrix box

The rear of the box with assembly instructions for the guns and limbers - you can choose from four different artillery pieces, including a howitzer

The box contains three identical sprues as above - pity about the odd green colour of the plastic - I would prefer plain white!

The two guns assembled as long barreled 9lb pieces

The first artillery crew - you get a choice of cylindrical or Belgic shako and the officer figure has a separate add on coat tail so you can have the longer Peninsula coat with a bicorne or the more modern shorter coat to match the Belgic shako

All the parts for one limber - pre assembly

Above and below, three views of the assembled limber

In addition to these plastics, I have also just renewed my "Old Glory Army" membership, which gains a 40% discount on their already pretty competitively priced figures - 30 infantry or 10 cavalry for US$36 - and have ordered a swag of US and British troops for the War of 1812 - hopefully these should arrive in a couple of weeks and then it will be head down, arse up at the painting desk in my garage for a few months! I have been accused of being a bit to partisan about the British Army, so this time I have specifically gone for the "other" side (plus I already have stacks of Napoleonic Brits I can use anyway!)

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