Saturday, 25 February 2017

War of 1812 British Artillery

I have finally finished the three guns and one limber from the Victrix hard plastic set. I had to rebase the first crew because the crew maneuvering the gun did not fit on the same size base as I did initially! Also, I ran out of the Selleys compound I normally use on my bases and due to impatience to get them finished, I used a different basing technique. Also, I needed to fix the gun and the guys maneuvering the wheels onto the base together, so they remained in contact with the wheels and didn't end up pushing on open air - I don't usually fix the guns to the bases but in this case I did - so I used Liquid Nails glue to do this and that was another reason why the basing was a bit different.

I don't really like the "odd man out" basing so they may get hauled off and rebased when I get my hands on some more of the basing compound.....SIGH!

In any case, here are two views of each of the three crews, plus a couple more of all three together as a battery. I am thinking of mounting two of the limbers on a narrow piece of card that runs across the full length of the back of all three bases, so make them into a mini diorama - although not as nice as the example that is on the Victrix website...

Above and below - Gun Team One - ready to fire

Above and below - Gun Team Two - FIRE!

Above and below - Gun Team Three - Realigning the gun

Above and below - the first completed limber

The last three photos are of the entire "battery"- the middle gun is the "odd man out" basing - doesn't look TOO bad here, maybe I will leave it as is.

The latest news is that my combined Old Glory War of 1812 order is now in New Zealand with our wonderful customs service, so hopefully, I should get my hot little hands on them in the next few days!

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