Monday, 24 April 2017

War of 1812 - British Reinforcements

I have been waiting for these guys to turn up since the end of March and finally they have arrived - all the way from Italy! Mirliton 25mm RA Rocket troopers mounted - unfortunately they ended up costing me about NZ$10 each due to postage ex Italia - but I will only need four - they are just to add  a bit of colour and atmosphere to our 1812 games!

I hope to get started on them shortly and be able to post a picture of the completed figure. Over the last few days, I have completed a couple of elements of the Glengarry Light Infantry and they look pretty good in their dark green uniforms with black facings and equipment. Hope to get this unit finished soon and get some pics of them up too!

There is only one figure but you can choose any horse you like - I got two of the walking type (pic one) and one each of standing and grazing - pics two and three) Each trooper came in five parts - horse, rider, saddle and saddle cloth, sabre and bundle of rockets. I attached one set of rockets to the first figure with a small piece of blue tack just to give an idea of what the finished figures will look like.

Below are a couple of images off the web of what they should look like when completed...Old Glory do a pack containing a couple of rocket caissons too, might have to consider them at some point......!

Image result for british RA Rocket trooper mountedImage result for british RA Rocket trooper mounted
Image result for british RA Rocket trooper mounted

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