Thursday, 13 April 2017

War of 1812 - The Story So Far!

Just dragged out some of my Napoleonic Brits and put them in "action " poses with the completed US regiments - plus I took a few pics of the entire US force "so far". Still to paint at this stage are one more unit of Riflemen and 4 or 5 artillery crews - sans cannons at this stage. They may end up "sharing" with the RA, I have not decided yet.

Once the US contingent has been completed, I still have 30 each of Royal Marines, Canadian Chasseurs and Glengary Light Infantry to work my way through - so plenty work still to do.

The US Light Dragoons

Above and below, US Light Dragoons v's British Light Dragoons - the latter are Front Rank figures

Following are four general views of my entire US War of 1812 force so far - one cavalry, one Regular Riflemen and five Regular infantry regiments

US Riflemen v's British Rifles - again the latter are Front Rank

US 8th Regiment v's British 43rd Light Infantry

Above and below, US 5th Regiment v's 71st highland Light Infantry

 Above and below - the US 1st Regiment v's British 1st Foot, the Royal Scots

Above US 15th Regiment v's British 25th Foot - this time the Brits are Old Glory

Above and below, US 18th Regiment v's the 70th Foot - again Old Glory apart from the mounted officer who is, I think, a Perry miniature


  1. That is starting to look pretty impressive Keith.

  2. Thanks Mark - the Yanks are still "slightly" outnumbered by my Napoleonic Brits - but of course, they don't all need to be on the table!