Monday, 10 April 2017

War of 1812 US 15th Regiment - Completed

Home early from work, wife and daughter away for the week and son at rugby training so I was able to get straight onto the painting table and finish off the bases of the two elements of the 15th Regiment that I completed last night.

I chose to do this regiment because the all-grey uniform is a nice change from the first three regiments in blue - the last regiment - which I may complete tonight, is the 8th in black jackets faced red.....anyway, here is the latest addition to my US force

 Above and below, the entire regiment advancing in line - my "picture box" background is not quite long enough to accommodate the entire unit so I will have to try to do something about that one day..

 Above - the command elements of the unit, with both National and Regimental standards and the drummer in reversed colours
 Two rifle company elements
The other two up, the 8th Infantry!


  1. They look dynamic (love this amazing officer!) and superb, great job!

  2. Thanks Phil - I did not quite get the last regiment completed tonight - still need to finish off the bases of two elements - and I will probably be out tomorrow for a game so next post may not be for a couple of days.