Sunday, 16 April 2017

War of 1812 - US Artillery

I have found quite a bit of conflicting info on the uniforms of the US Artillery so I have taken some poetic license and assumed the details changed as the war progressed, as with other aspects of the US army uniform. Thus, I have painted up five crews of four form the Old Glory pack of 20 - two in a uniform of all blue with a red over white feather, one in a uniform of all blue but with yellow/red facings and a plain white feather, and two more the same as the third but with white trousers rather than blue. I have even found examples of artillerymen in all grey uniforms but the variety has to stop somewhere!

Only the first three are complete, three images of each are shown below. When the basing for the other two (in white breeks) is completed, I will post images of them too!

The gun has been "borrowed" from my British Royal Horse Artillery!




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