Sunday, 7 August 2016

And finally for tonight, a few pictures of my British troops for the American War of Independence, or Revolutionary War, depending on your preference. These are mostly Front Rank and were painted about 20 years ago I guess, when you could still buy half a dozen of these figures at a time for $1.30 each at Military Miniatures in Marua Road, Ellerslie......ah, those were the days!

First up we have the 3rd Foot - the Buffs - Front Rank figures

Next its the 21st Royal Scots Fuzileers - Front Rank figures

A Hessian battalion of unknown origin (well they are form somewhere in Germany, obviously!) Foundry figures

A Hessian grenadier battalion Foundry figures

A loyalist American unit in traditional green coats Front Rank figures

Queens Rangers Front Rank figures

British Light Infantry Front Rank figures

The 54th Foot Front Rank figures

The 71st Highlanders - these ones are Old Glory

Old Glory Commanders with Front Rank drummer and standard bearer

Two Front Rank officers

The 6th Regiment of Foot Front Rank figures

The 42nd Highlander (Black Watch) - Old Glory figures

Another light infantry unit - Front Rank figures

16th Light Dragoons - well, everyone does the 17th! - Old Glory figures

Hesse Hanau Regiment Erbprinz - Front Rank figures

Unknown Hesse Hanua Regiment who seem to have lost their standard somewhere - Front Rank figures

Anhalt Zerbst Regiment - Front Rank figures

Fusileer Regiment Von Ditfurth - Front Rank figures

Royal Artillery gun crew

Hessian gun crew

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