Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Back again on Tuesday evening - day three of my blog - and the number of photos has reduced to a more manageable number. Tonight I have got examples of another Napoleonic army (Austrian), plus English Civil War and a few fantasy figures for a Frostgrave campaign I have started with a gaming friend on a very occasional basis

Infantry Regiment no 2 - Hungarian - these figures are from Sash and Sabre via Old Glory, who had a huge discount on these about 5 years ago and hence encouraged me to start yet another army!

A battalion of combined Hungarian grenadiers - two stands of each of three different regiments - hence the different facing colours

Infantry Regiment no 42 - Germans in Shakos - again Sash and sabre figures

German Infantry Regiment no 50 in shakos

A German combined Grenadier battalion comprised of Sash and Sabre figures

Two Senior Austrian commanders from a pack of six by Old Glory

The second pair of Old Glory commanders

Infantry regiment no 1 - Sash and Sabre figures in older style helmets

German Infantry Regiment no 3 - these figures are Old Glory second edition and very nice too

Infantry regiment no 8 - Sash and Sabre figures in older style helmets

Austrian Jagers armed with rifles by Old Glory

A Landwehr Battalion with Old Glory Figures

A second  Landwehr Battalion with Old Glory Figures

And a third.....

A Grenze Battalion of Old Glory figures

A second Grenze Battalion of Old Glory figures

A Regiment of Austrian Light Horse by Sash and Sabre

A second regiment of Light Horse in green coats this time

A regiment of Austrian Kurassiers - these are Old Glory figures

Second regiment of Old Glory Kurassiers

Old Glory Austrian dragoons

Second unit of Old Glory Dragoons

Old Glory Austrian Lancers

Second unit of Old Glory Lancers

The final pair of Old Glory high command figures

Two Austrian howitzers by Sash and Sabre

Two field guns and crews by Old Glory

Back in time in more ways than one - Front Rank English Civil War figures that I painted probably 15-20 years ago now. This regiment in green is, I believe Hampdens

Cant remember who wore the purple uniforms and cant be bothered looking it up - but a parliamentarian regiment despite the somewhat gaudy colour!

This is a Covenanter regiment with a mixture of figures - they are mostly Foundry but a few Dixon amongst the musketeers

Back to Front Rank and this is the Earl of Essex regiment in a natty orange

A unit of Dixon Scots lancers with a Foundry officer

Front Rank Haselrigs lobsters in full armour

Parliamentarian dragoons by Front Rank with Foundry officer and standard bearer

A generic "Roundhead" cavalry unit - this was the first ECW unit I painted all those years ago

This is a specific Parliamentarian unit based on a coffin effigy or something I think, but I cant recall the details now and cant check the Front Rank site because they have not been producing this range for a long time - possibly a decade

Another generic cavalry unit

Here are the first of the Frostgrave warbadn - all female - these toe are Hasslefree

This sorceress is from Heresy I think

The slightly baffled apprentice sorceress is from Reaper by way of Caliver books

This is a lady in waiting from an excellent rage of (pricey) Game of Thrones figures, but for my purposes, she is a fully fledged sorceress

Another female fighter from Heresy

A female barbarian from Reaper

The two Hasslefree figures from another angle

Two apprentice sorceresses confer in a wooded glade

And form another angle

A final shot of the lady in green.

Just off to watch Game of Thrones on Prime TV now.

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