Saturday, 13 August 2016

I have had another try at getting some better shots of the choppers but they are still a bit average - I am having a big game on Sunday 14 with several friends so I might take these along and take some "in situ" shots using the table as a background before the game gets underway...anyway, following were the best I could manage tonight

Italeri OH6 Cayeuse painted as a "Littlebird" a la "Blackhawk Down" Pilot is an added Elheim figure

Another view of the OH6

Tamiya Hughes AH6 Night Fox with a pilot and Delta sniper by Elheim added.

The AH6 from another angle. These two little choppers only cost about $6 from a supplier in Hong Kong

Final shot of the AH6 hovering over an Afghan village

Italeri Blackhawk again, showing door gunner and sniper on the port side

Another view of the port side

Starboard view of the Blackhawk with gunner and crew chief. All the figures, plus the two pilots, are from the Elheim 20mm eange

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