Sunday, 7 August 2016

Ok so now I have some more spare time on my hands - Sunday evening, nothing on TV - what a surprise - and at this stage I cant be bothered doing any figure painting! So I am going to trawl through the photos I have accumulated over the last year or so and load them onto this blog...

First up a few of the 20mm modern troops who didn't make it onto the table today...well a Warrior did but not much else!

These guys are officially Australian but I have painted them as NZ troops because they use the same naff Steyr rifle - just put a tiny white on black dot on their shoulder to represent a Kiwi unit badge...

A few of the Taliban enemy - have ab out 100 of these guys in total

A few Specialist Brits - bomb sniffing dog etc

VIP Kate and her crew doing a piece to camera with a Jackal patrol vehicle behind them

A Mastiff MRAP (mine resistant, armour protected) vehicle

Mastiff from a different angle

Britaish warrior Infantry Fighting Vehicle

Two British WMIK (weapons mount installation kit) Landrovers

Another view of the WMIK Landrover

US Humvee (High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle)

A different version of the humvee

An ultra modern Taliban "technical"

A more traditional 80's style technical

Three different insurgent motorcyclists

Taliban two up in a motorcycle, the pillion passenger carries an RPG7

I cant figure out how to load another lot of photos onto this same post, so sorry, but I will have to save this one then do another with the next group of photos......


  1. Keith, welcome to blog space. Neat report. I will add yours to my blog roll.

    1. Thanks Mark - I just figured out how to spot comments and reply to them - not that there are very many as yet!