Thursday, 18 August 2016

Ok so tonight I think I have probably got to the end of my figure collections - lets run through them chronologically

Dark Ages 28mm (ok female Vikings might be a bit of a stretch!) English Civil War 28mm, War of Spanish Succession 28mm, French and Indian Wars 28mm, American War of Independence 28mm, Wellington in India 28mm, Napoleonic 28mm, Nineteenth Century Colonial Wars 28mm, WW1 in E Africa 28mm, WW2 28mm, WW2 20mm, WW2 15mm and Modern 15mm & 20mm.

Tonight, I have photographed some of my 15mm Japanese collection,. I played quite a few games of Crossfire with these guys a couple of years ago but they have not had an outing for quite some time. The entire collection is basically Command Decision infantry and support weapons, with only about half a dozen vehicles, which made it a cheap army to build. Its also pretty historically accurate because the bulk of the war in the East was predominated by infantry.
First up, its the battalion command element

Next a couple of Company/Platoon commanders

A Japanese sniper - this is a figure from Eureka in Australia

BANZAI!! A charging Japanese platoon

Two Japanese "knee" mortars

A pair of snipers

A Japanese medium tank

Two Japanese Type 97 Chi Ha tanks

A Japanese Ho Ni self propelled AT gun

Japanese 37mm AT gun and crew

Two Japanese 70mm infantry guns

A Japanese platoon in defensive position

Two Japanese AA guns

Japanese mortar crews

Japanese MG crews in bunkers

A Japanese officer and flame thrower operator - the latter is from Eureka

Japanese paratroopers by East Riding Miniatures

Command Decision painted as Marines

So that's about it as far as cataloguing my figure collection goes - I will have to have a few games now so that I have something to blog about!


  1. Beautiful units, excellent job and wonderful bases...congrats! Very nice blog as well...

  2. Thanks for the supportive comments Phil!