Monday, 15 August 2016

Tonight, I pulled out some of my 15mm Modern era vehicles and figures - these are all Command Decision by Old Glory, with the exception of the air support option in the first two pictures which is a diecast model of an RAF Tornado in 1/100 scale.

Three of four WMIK Landrovers by Command Decision

The same vehicles form a different angle

Three Saxon armoured personnel carriers

Two Warrior Infantry Fighting Vehicles, the one on the left is up armoured for Iraq/Afghanistan (although I think I put the armour on the wrong way up!)

The up armoured Warrior in a head on view 

Four US troops on individual bases for 15mm skirmish gaming

Five African militia for skirmish gaming in Eritrea etc

Four stands of 15mm Taliban

Taliban RPG crews in a built up area - all figures are Command Decision 15mm

Two more stands of Taliban

A Taliban mortar crew

A different mortar crew

British Platoon commander and RT op

Same figures from a different angle - again, these are all 15mm Command Decision

Platoon Sergeant and 50mm mortar crewman

Full Platoon - based for an updated version of Crossfite that I have never actually got around to devising/playing!

British 50 cal HMG

AT weapon deployed on the roof of a house

A sniper taking aim

A different sniper figure

A dog handler searching for IED's - the dog came from some UK 15mm manufacturer

British Mortar crew

Just getting these figures out to photograph them has made me think I really must put some effort into using them in  a Crossfire game sometime. The whole collection probably cots $100, as I was a Old Glory "Army member" and got them for 60% of the standard cots - and they are quite cheap to start with - 50-60 infantry in a pack, I bought 5 packs  - plus 4 vehicle packs. in a perfect world I would get some US Humvees and Taliban technical but we will see - they are really necessary, especially if we use Crosfire, which really works best as an infantry game....

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