Wednesday, 15 March 2017

US Light Dragoon War of 1812

Just the one figure completed at this stage but I wanted to see how they would look - again this is an Old Glory figure. I have read that the plume is inaccurate and should be on the front of the helmet a la Knuckleduster - however, my reference book states that the original helmet of 1808 had the plume on the side and this changed around 1812 or 1813 - and the Knuckleduster figures say they are "late war" cavalry, so maybe both manufacturers are right?

Anyway, here are five images of the one figure I have painted so far....

These are really nicely sculpted figures - they have the hussar style lace on the front of the tunic, plus the decoration in the rear of the tunic AND the four chevrons on the lower sleeve molded, so it is relatively simple to paint these details in. The horse is so-so but that's standard for OG and I am used to it! This trooper is going to be a bit lonely for a while but I will get around to painting his colleagues sometime soon.....

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