Tuesday, 7 March 2017

War of 1812 - Next Instalment

As mentioned yesterday, I have started off this project by painting up one stand of each unit, to get an idea of what they will look like.

Tonight I present for your edification the command bases for the Royal Marines, the Canadian Voltiguers and the US Regular Rifles. I have the Glengarry LI ready too, but they are a bit behind the others as I had to create and print a standard for their Ensign to carry - which is not required of the other three units.

Of interest may be the fact that the RM and Voltiguers are made up of two manufacturers - I have incorporated one of the Knuckleduster figures with the officer and musician by Old Glory. This was always my plan - two units of 18 figures each from one pack of 6 Knuckleduster and one pack of 30 OG figures.

There are three images of each group...Firstly, the Royal Marines....

Next, we have the Canadian Voltiguers.....

And finally, the Regular US Rifles - the green is VERY bright, but if the references I have used are accurate, then their uniform was really this colour!

I think the Old Glory and Knuckleduster work quite well together.

More images soon,


  1. Well done rross, beautiful figures...and this green colors on the US Rifles is stunning...

    1. Thanks for your interest and comments Phil

  2. They are coming on well Keith.

    1. Slowly but surely - I think going forward, I may restrict my posting to full units, not a base by base record!