Saturday, 25 March 2017

War of 1812 - Progress so far

I have assembled what I have managed to paint so far for the 1812 project and taken a few shots of them "in situ" on a table

First up are the three Victrix plastic British artillery crews - unfortunately the third image is not that great but the rest look pretty good

A recent purchase was a pair of RHA rocketeers by Warlord Games - metal figures. I have managed to paint up one of these gentlemen as below

There is some fantastic detail molded on this figure - unfortunately my eyesight and brush skills are not up to making this look as cool as the example on the Warlord website, but its still a neat little group.

Finally below are the two US Regular infantry battalions I have completed so far, the First and Eighteenth - the Fifth are only hours away from completion too and then I have two more infantry battalions to do before I move on to the Rifleman and artillery crews - plus the Light Dragoons... and then there are the British to take care of!

The First US Infantry

The Eighteenth US Infantry

The next few shots show both battalions advancing with the First in front


  1. Wonderful figures on beautiful and realistic bases, I love these ones!

  2. Thanks for your kind comments Phil

  3. Streuth mate, you are sure making headway into the lead pile! How is the dentist progressing?

  4. I do not think he has commenced - he has been finishing off Reb ACW (as shown on the last game report) AND he has said he intends to base them yet another way - 40 x 40! Mind you, he may put 4 figures per base...