Tuesday, 14 March 2017

War of 1812 - US 1st Infantry Regiment

I have finally completed an entire unit for my War of 1812 project and taken a few pictures.

I am not very happy with the quality of the images but I am just going to post them anyway.

This unit is wearing the standard uniform of blue coats faced red and white cross belts with the "felt" shakos

 Above and below, two views of the entire unit advancing. These are quite nice figures - I have read on other sites the opinion that these are amongst the best of the Old Glory ranges and they are certainly WAY better than their original British Napoleonics, some of which I purchased years ago and have never really liked that much. That said, the Second Edition look quite nice......

 A couple of rear views showing my attempt to paint the "US" on the rear pack flap - a bit of a hassle to do and the results are inconsistent but not too bad

 The four non command stands showing the various poses that come in the US Infantry in Felt Shako Charging pack - they are all quite reasonable I think, and the sculpting of the faces is pretty nice too.


  1. Cheers Phil - will be a lot more of these to follow and I will be doing some regiments that had variations from the regulation uniform to make things a bit more interesting.