Friday, 28 July 2017

Renegade Miniatures 28mm Covenanter Regiment Completed

Finally got these guys finished off today and well underway on a second unit - I will still have some figures left over after the second unit has been done, but I think I will have to purchase some additional pike men to make a third or possibly even a fourth unit of ECW Scots......

I found the flag thanks to Google - its on a blog by a guy from the NE of Scotland but now living in Texas - he has a whole army based around the battle of Auldearn which was fought somewhere inland from Aberdeen between the Covenanters and the Marquis of Montrose's Royalists.

I had to use a plain black background for these photos because the 8 x 40mm base size of this unit would not fit in with any of my background images!

I am not 100% sure how I will configure these units - I may add another pike element in the front line and move the command element to the rear of the pike block with a single element marching alongside it, but the layout below is how I originally thought I would base the regiment....


  1. Nice looking unit Keith! Like those flags.

  2. Thanks Mark - yes, the flags from the guy in Texas' site are very nice. With an ECW game in the offing for Tarawera this year, and my lead pile significantly diminished, I finally got the motivation to paint these figures - I have had them so long, I think they cost me eight pounds per pack of 8 - now at twelve pounds!