Tuesday, 18 July 2017

War of 1812 - British 13th Foot Completed

Tonight I have FINALLY finished off this unit - I have had a very slack week or so and have not been doing very much painting at all.

I have taken 8 images of the regiment from various angles

 Full battalion front on
 The right flank company (grenadiers) and drummer
 The left flank company (light infantry)
 The full battalion advancing in line from above
 The battalion advancing in column
 A rear view of the battalion advancing in line
  A rear view of the battalion advancing in line from above
Close up of the sergeant (with pike) straightening the line

I really like the way these figures have come out, with the tropical service white shako covers. I have one unit of 1812 troops still to paint - the second battalion of the West India Regiment - and I will then have ten battalions of War of 1812 specific British troops - as well as about 10 or 12 battalions of regular Napoleonic Brits that can be pressed into service too - so that may be sufficient for this project....


  1. Thank you Mark - I do like the white shakos for a change...!

  2. Great job, painting and basing...love the broken drum, nice detail!

  3. Thanks Phil - I have used that trick on a few of these units - drums came from several boxes of Wargames Factory hard plastic WSS figures ....I still have a few left!