Friday, 7 July 2017

War of 1812 - US 22nd Infantry Regiment

Today I have completed the five current elements of the US 22nd Infantry Regiment. These are Old Glory figures in summer uniform, march attack pose. The officer, drummer, standard bearers and sergeant pointing are all the same pose as come in the other US infantry packs. As they come in bags of 30 and I need 36 in total to make the 2 x 18 figure battalions, I may purchase some Knuckleduster figures in similar uniform to make up the numbers, as I have done with other units.


  1. Thanks Phil - I liked your demo game with the Romans ab]nd Carthagenians too!

  2. That summer uniform looks pretty neat Keith

  3. Thanks Mark - I have just posted pics of another US unit I have finished off today - the 4th Maryland Volunteer its back to the Brits!