Monday, 7 August 2017

Covenanter Brigade Completed

Great what an absence of anything to paint can do for your motivation the last couple of weeks I have finished off three regiments of ECW Scots, that I have had lying around, some painted, the majority still bare metal, for about eight years!

I seem to have managed to create one extra command element, but that's no problem as I also still have a full regiments worth (12 figures) of musketeers. I just need to obtain an additional number of pike men to create a fourth regiment. Additionally, I have enough Perry ECW musketeers to create a fifth unit, so I am looking at getting some Perry pike men too!

And to end on a real high note, my missing Knuckleduster Glengarry Light Infantrymen, ordered on 10 May and dispatched on 17 July, finally turned up at my house today - so they will be painted up over the next day or two!

 Above and below, the four most recently completed Covenanters

 Above close up of the command element
 Above and below - I redid these twice and STILL messed it up - just noticed two of the shot elements on the right rear unit are not positioned properly - but I am not pulling them all out of the box AGAIN so these will have to do!

 Above and below - the three Covenanter regiments advancing through wheat fields...en route for Marston Moor perhaps?


  1. The back drop works well and they look very impressive marching through those wheat fields.

  2. Thanks for your kind comments - I pinched the idea of the backdrop from my mate Mark at 1866 and all that...