Friday, 4 August 2017

Finishing off some War of 1812...and a few more Covenanters....

I FINALLY received a package from Caliver - not the missing 6 Knuckleduster Glengarry Light Infantrymen that I ordered on 11 May - but a compensatory packet they were kind enough to offer me due to the fact I have been waiting for half my May order for over two months!

So apparently the Glengarries were posted on 17 July and the US Infantry in summer field uniform on 22 July. The latter arrived about 2 August but the former have still not been seen!

Anyway, I painted these six up as the last element for the 14th and 22nd US Infantry regiments. Having found some references to a grenadier company with red plumes in some US regiments, I decided to paint these up to represent such a company for each regiment. This also helps cover up/explain the minor differences in the uniform EG the plume in the front centre of the shako rather than on the left side!

Below are some images of both, alongside an Old Glory element from the same regiment, for comparison. They do seem to be very similar in size and style, so fit together quite well.....

 First up is the 14th Infantry in tan coats with red facings - Old Glory on the left, Knuckleduster on the right

 Above - rear view of the two elements, again. OG left and Knuckleduster to the right
 And here are the two elements of the 22nd Infantry in the buff coats with green facings - OG to the left again

The rear view of the 22nd Infantry

Also completed this week are some more of the Renegade ECW figures I have had in a cupboard for about 8 years. Its funny how once you get going, you can rediscover an enthusiasm for painting a particular period - now I am looking at buying some more ECW Covenanters to expand my collection of these guys - possibly I will go with hard plastics from Warlord who do Scots infantry and cavalry in this medium

 Above and below - the two additional elements of pike men and a command element with the standard of the Earl of Sutherlands Regiment

 Below - the same pike elements with the standard of Balfour of Burleighs Regiment

 Above - command element with Balfour of Burleighs Regiment standard - below, command element with the standard of the Earl of Sutherlands Regiment. The flags both come from a blog called the Auldearn Project

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