Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Some More Renegade Covenanters.......

I have got a bit bored painting "hodden" grey, so I took some pics of the elements I have completed "so far" in my second (and THIRD!) Covenanter units

Below are a command element, one pike element and seven musketeer elements....currently on the painting table are some pike men, one last group of three musketeers, and another command group. The flag is once again "borrowed" from my fellow NE Scot in Texas

I am not sure if I have quite enough pike men to "do" three units - I have more than enough musketeers and command, so I may be able to do some "fiddling" to make this work EG move one pike element to another unit and compensate by adding a second command group....or I may just have to buy another 8 pike men....we will see!

I experimented with creating heather on the basis of these Scots troops - I think it came out quite well! Started with standard tree flock, painted a dark red/brown on most of it, then highlighted with lighter purple shade and finally dry brushed a bit of white.

Ok well that's done ....back to the painting I guess......

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